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Automatically cancel high-risk orders

FraudBlock saves you from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent Shopify orders - automatically

Four-in-one against fraud

We automatically cancel fraudulent orders, send a cancellation confirmation to the customer, restock the inventory, and refund/void the customer's payment (if any)

Always in the know

We automatically notify you after we've canceled a high-risk order. We (optionally) also send a cancellation confirmation email to the customer.

Re-stock inventory

Whenever a high-risk order is canceled, FraudBlock restocks the items from that order for you.

Automatic refunds

FraudBlock automatically refunds/voids the customer's payment (if a payment was made).

What are the benefits of using FraudBlock?

Dealing with fraudulent orders made easy

No coding necessary

Simply connect your Shopify account and we'll take it from there!

Automatically cancel high-risk orders

If you receive a high-risk order, we cancel it for you - automatically, in real time

Boost your productivity

You no longer have to manually comb through your order list to spot & cancel fraudulent orders

Give it a go!

Reduce manualy work by automatically cancelling high-risk orders

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